Liminal - Photography by Gilbert Calleja


Gilbert Calleja's photographic documentary of the transgender community in Malta is a breakthrough publication that confronts the issues of a sub-culture that is struggling to assert itself in mainstream society. Calleja's photographic work is informative as much as it is empathetic, never slipping into the obvious sensationalistic clichés of in-your-face photojournalism.


A collection of 93 poems infused with a vapourific view of the author’s own alcohol-induced take on life, the world and the culture he inhabits. Karl Consiglio writes as he thinks and makes no concession to language snobbery or class distinctions..


Transit is the culmination of the online and on-site Transit urban art project. This stylishly designed book – an ‘art study’ – traces the quiet tension arising from the Valletta City Gate project.
Pomegranate Heart

Pomegranate Heart

Pomegranate Heart, Miriam Calleja's debut book of poetry, is now in its second edition.

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