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Transit book is a culmination of the online and on-site Transit urban art project. This stylishly designed book – an ‘art study’ – traces the quiet tension arising from the Valletta City Gate project.

Controversial from the start, the demolition of the entrance into Malta’s capital city to make way for a new parliament building was always bound to stir emotions – some dormant, some closer to the surface. David Pisani’s evocative photographs closely, though obliquely, capture this slowly changing landscape, while Elise Billiard’s writings – some fey and faint, others concrete as can be – explore themes of urban belonging and flux. Illustrations and installations presented in the book are works of artist Julia Pallone.

Book specifications
  • Authors: David Pisani, Elise Billiard, Julia Pallone and Mark Dingli
  • Publisher: Ede (2012)
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 270 x 210 mm
  • 160 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-99957-0-232-8