Advanced Fine Art photography workshop

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The Zone VI workshop is an advanced course in black and white film photography and darkroom printing for the serious photographer wishing to achieve the highest level of photographic expression and fine art printing. The course is aimed at photographers who already have considerable experience in black and white film photography and darkroom printing.

The Zone VI workshop is based on a classic apprenticeship with a master photographer and is conducted exclusively on a one-to-one basis. Candidates wishing to take up the Zone VI workshop must apply in writing and will be required to show a portfolio of their work to support their level of competence. (Photographers who have successfully completed the Ede books Workshop f/1.4 are eligible to apply for the Zone VI workshop).

Applications must be sent to and in your email you must give an indication of your past experience in photography, film processing and darkroom printing, your motivation to complete the Zone VI workshop and your availability.

Course outline:

• The Zone system de-mystified. Sensitometry for the practicing photographer and printer. The Zone ruler and a tool for pre-visualization.

• Film exposure: the ultimate test for calibrated results.

• Film development: complexities and conundrums. H&D curves and what they mean. Developing to achieve ultimate control. The Zone system shift process.

• Under the red light. Printing for finality and printing for posterity. The darkroom set-up for the serious printer. No frills, no glam. Just the raw real thing.

• Making a fine art print: the voyage of a thousand and one nights. Developer modifications, tonal adjustments and the expressive nature of the fine art print. Toning for archiving and for emotional interpretation. Variations on a theme.

• The Silverprint formulary, a printer’s bible?

• The archival method. Discussion and practice for the exhibiting artists.

• Why we do it – Final Portfolio: translating technical knowledge into emotional expression.


• The Zone VI workshop is held over a period of 8 to 12 weeks depending on the progress achieved by the apprentice. The apprentice is tutored until he or she has fully acquired the skills to competently, and consistently produce images of excellent technical and artistic quality.

• The course fee includes all materials (photographic chemistry, photographic paper, studio and darkroom equipment) required for the workshop however the candidate must, for reasons of personal development, provide his or her own cameras and film based on the normal working methods of the apprentice.

• The course fee is 690euros and is payable in advance on acceptance of the candidates application. The fee is not refundable in the event of default or cancellation.

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About tutor


David Pisani is a professional photographer who has been through the whole gamut of commercial photography from studio work, through fashion and advertising and most prominently architecture, industrial and interior design. He has worked on numerous architectural and conservation projects including commissions by the Government of Malta, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the Getty Foundation and the Courtauld Institute. He has lectured at the University of Malta’s Faculty of Architecture on “photography and conservation technology”. He is the author of an extensive personal photographic essay on Valletta entitled “Vanishing Valletta” which in 2000 was included in the permanent collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Vanishing Valletta was also published as a monograph in 2007. He has also produced a photographic essay on the city of Dubai entitled “Future City” which was commissioned by Emirates Airlines for their corporate art collection. He is a fanatical darkroom printer with over 25 years experience in both commercial and fine art printing.