' I kept thinking I was going to forget things, so I made sure my camera would not let me. It broke the barriers created by language between myself and the people in front of the lens. there are languages that are intuitive and conversations one can have without words. Each day brought about a new sort of communication with a new person. A woman at a homestay cooking our lunch found us amusing, as we did her. I captured this moment and later on that day I wrote in my journal ‘She did not speak a word of english but she sure did cook a great meal’. In one hundred and ninety days my camera and I broke communication barriers across India, Nepal, Malaysia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia, making each stranger a potential lifelong friend.'

Wedged between her architecture degree and masters, Susannah took a trip across 9 foreign lands. she is not a photographer or even a self-designated traveller but she used this trip as an opportunity to come across realities very distant from home, teaching her just how immensely different one person’s daily routine can be from another’s and ultimately understanding how to travel on her own terms. By documenting this she could take home moments from her journey, igniting memories of all she learned. at 22 years of age and about to embark on a few new projects, ‘One Hundred ninety days’ is a synopsis of her trip.