'In this book I am exhibiting a selection of my culinary photography with a special emphasis on thought out food styling. From working as a waiter at one of the best restaurants in Malta (a few years back), learning the fundamentals of design at University and through the various opportunities, which allowed me to work with several established clients, I developed a keen interest in photographing interesting visuals in the food industry, amongst other interests.'

Sean was raised in the busy urban areas of Mosta and currently resides in one of the quiet rural sites of Mgarr. He is very ambitious and is always looking for new challenges. After completing his diploma in Design foundation studies, Sean is now reading for BSc Built Environment Studies and aims at continuing his studies to become a fully qualified architectt. Simultaneously, Sean also works as a professional photographer whose interests alternate between culinary subjects, product, furniture, portraiture and architectural photography. He comes from a strong design background, the principles of which he tries to apply in all his endeavors, including commercial photography.