' Ephemerality of experiences always intrigued me. Each moment lived slips into the past like a flap of a swallow’s wing. A fleeting look of a passer-by, a sunset shared with a random train traveller, a lit-up window in the neighbouring apartment block carries a story that becomes woven into our path. Whether continuous or accidental, each moment adds to a unique collection of memories that defines our life. Photography enables us to share the afterglow of our experiences with others. “When I look back I see the landscapes That I have walked through But it is different All the great trees are gone It seems there are Remnants of them But it is the afterglow Inside of you Of all those you met Who meant something in your life.” - King Olav V of Norway, 1977. Dedicated to my mother.'

Raisa Tarasova was born in Astrakhan, a city in the south-western outskirts of Russia. Since early childhood she was captivated by visual art, especially the early Renaissance portraits. She is entranced by images of people who were gone hundreds of years ago. She admires art for its might to preserve human feelings and experiences and to connect different cultures and generations. Her take on photography forms part of her passion for art.