Water Wonder: our earth consists of more than three quarters of water. My representation of it here explores the fascinating proper ties of water. the ‘texture’ of water creates a whole new dynamic – often surreal – to a scene, whether through reflections or sprays created by this liquid substance. Monochrome Memos: Black and White photography has a charm of its own as it gives a mystique and drama to an image. Its graphic quality enhances the beauty of textures and tones in a picture, away from the distraction of colour. It tickles the imagination and often renders to an image a more refined aesthetics with the play of just two ‘colours’ of black and white. My selection here tries to express this. Barks Beauty: Similar to people, trees have different characteristics and their barks alone are worth exploring for their diversity of colour and texture. These few selections here aim at bringing awareness to such easily bypassed beauty surrounding us.

““Rather than bravura, my photography tries to touch others by helping them find the child in themselves through my imagery,” says Mary. She started to find photography fascinating when in her 20s and though she did go through various creative photographic phases in the past she is now happy to just express herself through what fascinates her in everyday life and travels abroad, capturing particular images through the choice of angles, lighting and composition. This exercise is a kind of contemplation for her as often such shots are captured in solitude and often when out in the open. She studied photojournalism at the London College of Printing in 1986 wanting to polish her skill in freelancing with illustrated features in magazines and newspapers which she often had published. Mary is not quite keen to competitions and honours finding them both restrictive to her own creativity. She does not like to be influenced by others and prefers to explore her style in her own way. Her work is owned by local and foreign buyers through some exhibitions undertaken such as in the La Vallette VIP Club Lounge at the Malta International Airport, the Cavalieri Art Hotel and at the Gozo Ministry Hall, besides others.