A child’s journey, in search of home. A filtering process whereby experience and memory are distilled, essences are captured and a new whole created. These elements are repositioned in space and placed in an era of television and video-games, fluorescent lighting and plastic floors, air conditioning systems and micro closets. Maria Chiara’s work triggers a recollection of Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space. Bachelard examines how the house as an armature of the individual reflects the interior development of the self and becomes the revolving structure of the human being. In fact, Maria Chiara’s work, by using both interior and exterior inhabited spaces, explores our memory and past use of place. By using a language understood by all, she encourages the viewer to unlock or create insights into childhood, place and home.

“ Maria Chiara Monterosso, born in 1994, holds a bachelor degree in Fine Arts at mCAst Art and Design Mosta. Her work mostly focuses on the themes of personal memory and identity which specifically revolve around her childhood experiences. Monterosso has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions, most recent of which being, Divergent Thinkers 4 at Saint James Cavalier (2015), Paper to screen and tikka, at the mCAst Art and Design Mosta in (2014) and (2015), respectively, Science in the City, at the Italian Cultural Institute in (2014) and Malta Design Week, Valletta, Malta (2014)"