Javier Joseph Formosa’s work suffers no qualms about its taste for the allusive and indirect, and its capacity to act as a catalyst into unchartered emotive and cognitive territories situated beyond the work itself. Through his work, condoms, carcasses, human and animal body parts, scars, locks of hair, bone, and bodily fluids become the vehicle into a world where sensuality, sexuality, and identity intersect with feelings of degradation, alienation, horror and discomforting revulsion. His work mainly speaks of those moments when the brute fact of one’s embodied and finite existence becomes manifest and excessive. Formosa seeks to stir feelings of distress and shock, and subsequently succeeds in using such emotions to challenge and problematize the distinction between that which is said to belong to the self and to life, to what is proper, pure and clean, and that which is seemingly marginalised, other, dead and repressed. Niki Young

“ Javier Joseph Formosa obtained a bachelor degree in fine Arts from MCASt Art and Design, Mosta. Javier Joseph Formosa's work investigates the themes of identity, sexuality, the body and spirituality. His interest lies in deconstructing the above themes through the mediums of photography and drawing. Nevertheless, Formosa also adopts a variety of materials and techniques in his work; allowing himself to be transported and informed by the concept being investigated. Javier participated in a number of collective exhibitions, most recently, Leave a Mark at MCASt Art and Design (2016), Divergent thinkers 4 at Saint James Cavalier (2015), tikka at MCASt Art and Design (2015), Science in the city at Italian Cultural Institute (2015), Malta Design Week at fort Saint elmo (2014) and Divergent thinkers 2 at Saint James Cavalier (2013)"