This book contains a selection of photographs from Malta’s alternative music scene which I shot over the past five years, originally featured on my photoblog Choosing which pictures to include was a really personal and nostalgic experience - some of the bands are no longer around and many of the venues were short-lived. Yet the memories remain and I hope this book serves as much as a snapshot of those times, as it is an optimistic and affectionate look at Malta’s ever-evolving independent music scene. For me, this book is about live music as much as it is about the spaces that it inhabits. Malta’s music scene has seen dozens of venues rise and fall over time, opening and shuttering their doors within a couple of years. Yet whether it means opening up a new place, repurposing an old location, or carving out a niche in an already-existing space, the music always finds a way to make itself heard. on that note, I hope this book encourages anyone who picks it up to go check out the bands featured - a music scene can only thrive if there’s an audience for it.

“ Chris Vella launched an online photo blog titled Storbju in 2011 with the aim of capturing the essence of the Maltese alternative music scene. As an avid music enthusiast, he has shot a wide range of artists over the past five years, from local outfits on a shoestring budget - some of which have now disbanded or whose members have gone on to form new projects - to more high-profile foreign acts who have visited Malta for a memorable one-off show. Chris’ love of music and his passion for photography are closely intertwined and to this day, he finds it difficult to shoot artists whose music he doesn’t enjoy. His full-time job is in the financial sector and as a result, he has been dividing his time between Malta and London for the past four years. While in London he is spoilt for choice when it comes to gigs and concerts, it is the proximity he feels to the bands in Malta that compels him to pick up his camera and shoot."