Davinia Hamilton – i cannot speak it but it comes

What remains after everything is gone? i cannot speak it but it comes is a long poem exploring grief, home, weather, and endings.

i cannot speak it but it comes
© Davinia Hamilton, 2022

Ede Chapbook 003

Editor: Antoine Cassar

Published by Ede Books

All rights reserved. No reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of the author.

ISBN: 978-99957-45-34-9

Format: 12cm x 18 cm
Pages: 28 + cover with flaps
Cover paper:
Favini Alga Carta ivory 250gsm
made with algae

Vacat pages:
Favini Crush Olive 120gsm
Made with olive pomace

Each copy of this chapbook has a unique artwork on the cover, which may vary somewhat from the image shown here.

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