Alternative Photography Workshop

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We proudly announce the photography workshop for Alternative Photography Processes. This workshop looks at some of the oldest photographic processes in history and how these processes are even more relevant in today’s digital world.

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The Alternative Photography Workshop covers two processes, the cyanotype which is a non silver process and the salt print process, which is a silver based processes. By experiencing both these techniques the participant will have a strong foundation to experiment with several other processes.

The course will be held over four sessions with a maximum number of six participants. Each participant will receive two printing kits which cover all the course material. No equipment is required for this course and everything is provided by EdeBooks.

No prior knowledge of photographic printing is required.

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Alternative Photography Workshop overview:

Session 1: Introduction to Alternative processes, the Print-out techniques, contact negatives and contact printers. Demonstration of the Cyanotype process. Duration 2hrs

Session 2: Introduction to silver based Print-out processes. Demonstration of the Salt print process. Duration 2hrs

Session 3: Each participant is given a Cyanotype printing kit and makes a print under the guidance of the tutor. Duration 2-3hrs

Session 4: Each participant is given a Salt printing kit and makes a print under the guidance of the tutor. Duration 2-3hrs

An optional Masterclass is offered separately to all participants that complete the EdeBooks Alternative Workshop as a one-to-one practical tutorial. Duration 2-3hrs

We are aiming to start the first workshop in October 2015. Places are limited to 6 participants. If you wish to book a place or if you require further information please email us on: workshops@edebooks.eu

Participants who completed the photography workshop f/1.4 receive a 15% discount on the Alternative Photography Workshop.

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ALTERNATIVE WORKSHOP (4 sessions) €275

Masterclass (1 individual session): €60

All materials required to complete the course are included in the fee. Each participant receives 2 printing kits (Cyanotype and Salt print)

Each kit includes a coating brush, 4 sheets of fine art paper (20x25cm), a coating tray.