KRIS MICALLEF - #parisisaparty

Parties are another planet. On this planet people leave their inhibitions behind and make merry. They discard convention, have wild and unedited conversations and flirt with the unknown. Here they are at their most natural, confident and ostentatious. Friendships are forged, deals struck, seductions played out, fates determined, and memories are created. Parties are a metaphor of life. All life’s triumphs and delusions, excitements and disappointments are celebrated here. Sadly, like life, they are transient and ineffable, receding fast into the mists of time: a kind of enchanted tide that, taken in the flood, leads on to unpredicted fortunes, before disappearing again in the shallows. This photo essay by Kris Micallef catches the tide of magic that was created at a party on the Tour Eiffel at dusk, the proverbial ‘heure bleue’, on the 31st March 2017, coincidentally the birthday of the tower itself. His sensitive eye captures the energy of a marvellous moment in that mythical place high above Paris, as the purple clouds hung heavy in the sky and a light drizzle broke up the declining light. Kris Micallef’s photos are a lasting bridge that spans the space between reality and memory. In his hands, this transient occasion is transformed into a timeless world where the fleeting present rubs shoulders with echoes from the collective past. Marcel Proust, Jules Verne, Edith Piaf, the Great Gatsby, the Titanic, Truman Capote, Dalida, James Bond et al are all here with the guests. I hope you will all enjoy this collection of images as much as I did! Lastly, I would like to thank all those who caught trains and planes and all manner of transport to come to the party specially to wish me a Happy Birthday even though my birthday was long gone. It is my turn to wish them all many happy returns... to the Tour Eiffel of course. Konrad Buhagiar

“ Kris is a photographer with a passion for beauty and perfection. He specializes in fashion photography and has published his work in various magazines, both locally and internationally. this, combined with his background in architecture, is the basis of the eclectic images he captures. His work does not only thrive on dry land, but exploits a world under water. His most notable work is rEGNVM, an underwater project which was presented at BOZar in Brussels, as well as in other European countries."